""If any of you didn't have a lump in your throat towards the end of that, you are not human and you shouldn't be working with children,"

Michael Towner, Cbeebies | Moon & Me

"It's an hour of non-stop fun for the kids, but there are also extremely relevant socio-political messages in this show. The conflict between the goats and the trolls will sting the adults in the audience as it reflects current world events. The issues explored in Gruff! are more urgent than ever, and its creative team does a commendable job in creating an educational, well crafted, and exhilarating piece for all ages.”

Theeasy.com | Gruff: An Eco-Puppet Musical

"Yet we do witness there one spectacular, abortive act of creation: God’s latest messy reboot of Adam (Emily Marsh). Short quite a few body parts and badly in need of skin, this new Adam is soon relegated to the bone-strewn, rat-infested basement." 

New York Times The God Projekt

"First of all, there are the startlingly grotesque puppets: different versions of Adam....they are touchingly human in the hands of of puppeteers Joseph Gardner and Emily Marsh." 

Exuent Magazine The God Projekt

"Puppeteers Joseph Garner and Emily Marsh tenderly manipulate gigantic body parts (a massive arm and leg) — puppet fabrications — so that they appear human and not just fibrous tissue and distorted body parts." 

TheatreScene.Net The God Projekt

"What's especially endearing in this puppet variation.....is the sweet vocalization of Cinderella herself performed by Emily Marsh. Her mannerisms exude a sense of enchantment in how she carries herself and cares for everyone around her no matter what her circumstances."

DC Theatre Scene Cinderella