I am Emily Marsh and I am a fearless performer. As a professional actor I have gotten to work with all kinds people in all kinds of situations.

If you look at my resume you can see how eclectic my work experience has been. From commercial work, to puppeteering, to solo performance, to shakespeare, to musicals, to teaching artist. I pride myself on being an actor that draws on my varied background to fit any project. 

What I don’t tell you on my resume is that I have:

-sat in a garbage can with the lid closed on stage for thirty minutes. 

-been squirted with ketchup and mustard. 

-cut open an alien. 

-been inside a giant ogre puppet.

-eaten three twinkies in one five minute scene.

-been fourteen different characters in one hour.

-worn more ridiculous costumes then I can ever keep track of. 

-driven nine hours to do a show.

These experiences (although a little silly!) were all precious moments because they have made me the actor I am today. The actor who will say “Yes! Bring on the ketchup and mustard” because I love what I do no matter how ridiculous.

My fearlessness was nurtured at Virginia Commonwealth University for four years, as well as training programs overseas in Romania and Serbia. I have also taken workshops and classes with some amazing directors, teachers and casting directors: Josh Chenard, Tawnya Pettiford-Wates, Gary John LeRosa, Pamella Pearl, Barry Shapiro, Dale Brown, Patti D'Beck, Bryan Wade, BT McNicholl, David Cady

When I am not sitting in trash cans, I am a huge skier and lover of breakfast/brunch/breakfast for dinner. Whether I am in NYC, Cincinnati OH, Richmond VA, or Washington DC I have my go to brunch spot. I also am a member of one of the most loving, supportive families I know. They are my rock. 

Bring on the adventure!